Electronics Decontamination and Data Recovery

Case Studies have shown that 80% of fire and water damaged electronics and communications equipment can be successfully restored to pre-loss condition. Reviving your electronics, when appropriate, can save money and can be completed within days.

Our Salt Lake City Contents Restoration Team can restore a wide range of electronic equipment including:

  •  Computer Systems
  •  Control Devices
  •  Home Appliances
  •  Home Entertainment Systems
  •  Manufacturing and Testing Equipment
  •  Microwave and Convection Ovens
  •  Radio and Telephone Systems
  •  Robotics and Automation Components
  •  Security and Surveillance Systems
  •  Television Systems and Home Entertainment
  •  Gaming and Video Playback Systems
  •  Medical Equipment

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The Process

UDK’s in-house electronics cleaning and decontamination lab is designed to process and restore damaged and contaminated electronics and data. Once items arrive in the EDS lab, they are handled and processed in an engineered and controlled environment.

1. Evaluate and Disassemble

Pre-evaluated electronics are first taken to the Disassembly Station, where they can be more closely inspected and a course of action determined. They are then disassembled and prepped for cleaning and decontamination.

2. Cleaning and Decontamination

Disassembled items are brought to the HP Wash Bay where they are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated in controlled conditions, solutions and environment.

3. Electronics Drying

Electronic circuitry are baked dry using radiant heating technology at precisely controlled temperatures.

4. Inspection and Testing

Items are carefully reassembled, inspected, and tested for proper operation prior to repackaging for shipment.

Safety for Home and Business

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